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Advanced Lightweight Materials and Structures


Research Thrust 04 - Advanced Lightweight Materials and Structures

Due to the limitations in individual materials with respect to crash performance, affordability and manufacturability, most analyses conclude that a multi-material approach will dominate future vehicle structure designs, where material for each component is chosen to satisfy locally-required properties. However, the use of lightweight materials in commercial vehicles has been extremely limited, due to the lack of low-cost, high-quality processes for forming and joining these materials. The overall objective for this thrust is to address critical engineering challenges in achieving significant reduction (in the order of 50%) of future vehicle weights by adopting lightweight materials while maintaining functional performance and cost competitiveness.

Thrust Area Leaders

Kazuhiro Saitou - University of Michigan
Qing Zhou - Tsinghua University

Co - Thrust Area Leaders

Glenn Daehn - The Ohio State University
Liang Tang - Tsinghua University