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Energy Systems Analysis, Technology Roadmaps and Policy Wiki

Welcome to the Energy Systems Analysis, Technology Roadmaps and Policy Wiki.

The purpose of this Wiki is to document and share databases, models, and information which may be of interest to other researchers within Thrust 6. The need for a Wiki sharing format of common information sources arose in our thrust area breakout session meeting held during the CERC-CVC conference in August 2012. The hope is that this Wiki will help foster collaboration opportunities and become a key resource for the CERC-CVC research community.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the Wiki content or layout please contact Nathan MacPherson (Thrust 6: Project 3 Graduate Student Research Assistant) at 1)

Environmental Modeling


Main page: Environmental Modeling

This section includes any kind of model or interactive data set which can be utilized to quantify environmental impacts or energy use in systems. Some examples of appropriate models referenced in this section are: life-cycle inventory databases, emissions data for electric power plants, and vehicle emissions simulators.

2) Figure source: ANL

Vehicle Modeling


Main page: Vehicle Modeling

This section is specific to models which are targeted at simulating or providing data specifically for vehicles. There will be some overlap between this section and the Environmental Modeling section but in general the models and databases listed here will be vehicle related. Some examples include: historical fuel economy data, vehicle technology cost modeling, and a vehicle powertrain simulator.

3) Figure source: ANL

Demographics, Travel Data


Main page: Demographics, Travel Data

This section includes any kind of data related to vehicle travel and transportation statistics. It also includes any information sources related to population statistics or vehicle registration data. Some examples of data included here are: The National Household Travel Survey Database, Transportation Energy Data Book and the U.S. Census.

4) Figure source: Autoblog

Energy System Projections

Main page: Energy System Projections

Any projections related to future energy use or transportation characteristics belongs in this section. Some examples of widely used projection data are: The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook and International Energy Outlook.

5) Figure source: EIA

1) Nathan MacPherson is working on Project 3 within Thrust 6, concerning labeling and GHG emissions standards for plug-in electric vehicles, at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment. His advisors are Prof. Gregory Keoleian ( and Dr. Jarod Kelly (
2) Argonne National Laboratory September 3, 2010
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