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Vehicle-Grid Integration


Research Thrust 05 - Vehicle-Grid Integration

As adoption of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs), grows, the power drawn by charging loads may create localized problems for distribution networks, including overloads, voltage profile degradation, and unbalance. At the macro grid level, uncoordinated charging of large populations ofPEVs could exacerbate peak loads. Development of advanced control strategies and protocols is needed to coordinate PEV charging and develop interfaces for accelerating the deployment of PEV s.

Thrust Area Leaders

Ian Hiskens - University of Michigan
Keqiang LI - Tsinghua University
Hongbin Sun - Tsinghua University

Co - Thrust Area Leaders

Giorgio Rizzoni - The Ohio State University
Yugong Luo - Tsinghua University
Qinglai Guo - Tsinghua University